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Life is a gift, treasure it

“What reason would we have to commit murder when we say that women who induce abortions are murderers, and will have to give account of it to God? For the same person would not regard the fetus in the womb as a living thing and therefore an object of God’s care [and then kill it].
-Athenagoras of Athens (Legatio35)

Excuse me, my fellow mortal man! There is something I heard about you, and I am aware that you are aware that I am aware of it. It is something you know more clearly than myself. And what is this thing that I am talking about? My dear, is it true that you went contrary to, and that you are still premeditating to go contrary to the Biblical injunction that tells us: “Thou shall not kill” (Deut 20:13). I did not say or hear someone say that you killed someone with a gun, neither did you commit homicide, genocide or manslaughter. But my dear, can you deny the indelible historical fact that you killed an innocent child by abortion? And you are planning to commit another one any moment from now.

O Mortal man! Why must it be you, and why must other people share in your sin? Do not bother to ask how I knew this, rather, you should ask what is the moral implication of what you did, what you are doing now, and what you are still planning to do? Only you and God knows how many innocent children you have terminated via abortion, and how many you may still kill, for you can answer whether or not you are a habitual abortion.
 O Mortal man! Drop that pill you are holding now; please I beg you, do not drink it anymore, for you are not aware that twins may die now just because of your wickedness. Beloved, please pay attention.
Perhaps, you do not consider what you have done, and what you are still planning to do a great evil. But ask yourself what would have been your fate now if your own mother aborted you when you were in her womb!             Now, see the gravity of your offence: you are guilty of crime against humanity and divinity. Yes, you committed a crime against humanity, for firstly, you removed your own child, whom you gave flesh. Now see, if every woman on earth is to abort her child, the logical implication is that no human being will live in the world tomorrow. Therefore, by that single act of removing the fetus, which is a potential human tending towards actuality, you have killed also a generation. Secondly, because a single abortion is like killing the whole mankind.

O Christian soul! Do you wish to know how you are guilty of crime against divinity? Then, you need to remember that every human person is an image of God (cf. Gen. 1:26). Therefore, you not only prevented the fetus/child who is innocent from seeing its Creator, but also deprived God, the Creator of beholding His Own image. You blame King Herod for his massacre of innocent infants while searching for the baby Jesus, but you should be blamed more for killing Jesus the second time, for you destroyed innocent unborn human(s). Do you not know that your crime is greater than that of Herod? 

You call people murderers, yet you are a murderer yourself as the Church Father, Athenagoras of Athens pointed out above! O Rational being! I invite you to think deeply about this, in order to see how grievously you have offended God: what would be our spiritual condition presently, if Mary aborted Jesus from Her womb? It would mean that, perhaps, the world will have no Redeemer, for the Blessed Trinity-Father, Son and Holy Spirit depended solely on Mary in the salvation of man. Now, in such a way, God depended on you to give birth to that child. Yes, it is true that you got the pregnancy through fornication or adultery, but that is not a reason to commit more grievous sin. Yes, you may be a wife, and perhaps, your husband tells you that both of you do not need this child now, but that is not a reason to terminate the pregnancy, for it shows that you have forgotten that you were taught in marriage course that after the solemn blessing and dedication of marriage (called ratumtantum) which comes after the marital vows, the marriage is consummated by conjugal union between the couple (called ratum et consummatum), which shows holy love and sincerity. Since you agreed to have sex with your husband, why then must you agree with him to destroy the outcome of your sexual union, which is pregnancy? After all, you know also that you are not to obey your husband in things that are evil. This shows that insofar as life is sacred and precious, abortion is a moral evil both in marriage and outside marriage.

Listen to me, O you young lady! I understand how you feel because you made the mistake of fornication, of adultery, or that you were raped. I know you are experiencing a psychological trauma because of your pregnancy. Perhaps, your friends have advised you to kill the child and save the shame, but remember that they have not assured you that in killing the innocent child, you yourself will come out successfully. If you pay attention in silence, you will discover that the baby is constantly telling you: “O mother, why are you killing me? Why are you aborting me? Tell me what I did to you!” Even your Guardian Angel tells you, “Beloved of God, do nothing to that child, it did nothing to you. If you kill it, you offend its own Guardian Angel.
 On the Judgment Day, both the child and its Angel will condemn you before God!” May be you are afraid that the world will abandon and laugh at you, but I assure you, not everyone knows that you are pregnant, and let your consolation be that you will have a higher dignity both on earth and in Heaven for keeping the child than aborting it, for if you abort it, I tell you most solemnly, the whole world will know, and many can no longer trust you. But I want to assure you that God loves you. If He was able to save Mary by His power when Her pregnancy put Joseph under pressure, even though Her pregnancy was of the Holy Spirit, then He has the same power to accompany you. My dear, please do not remove the pregnancy. Life is sacred and precious.
The baby is innocent; allow it to live; do not abort it, for the child did nothing to you! Do not be afraid! I believe the child will console you in the future. If you remove it, you will not have a rest, for your conscience will torment you forever. God knows that it is difficult for you to bear, but I encourage you to endure it by offering it to the crucified Jesus and His sorrowful Mother. Do not wound more the Heart of God, Who is already much wounded and offended; do not abuse His Mercy. Your giving birth to the child will console God for all the abortions done in the world. As we recite in the Creed that Jesus died under Pontius Pilate, I exhort you, may it never be recorded in your history that an innocent child died under you. Did your own mother not allow you to live? I foresee danger to you and God’s punishment if you terminate it. Think twice!
O Loving heart! You may be wondering how you can keep the baby, but do not forget what an American doctor said, that majority of the madness of women in his country is traceable to abortion, because of the trauma created in their memory during the perpetration of abortion. If this is true in America, how much more about women in other countries? The Church can help you flee away from the shame. The first thing you need to do is to ask God for His forgiveness upon you for all the sins of the flesh you committed against Him. Then, resolve to sin no more. Furthermore, defend your pregnancy by opposing and dismissing any and every suggestion from anyone, including your family members who advise or threaten you to do abortion. Tell them: “I know I have offended God, but I cannot offend Him more and abuse His Mercy.” Say this always with boldness and confidence. Ask Mary, the Comforter of the afflicted and Refuge of sinners to always assist and console you. You should meet a Catholic priest, confess your sins, and tell him about your pregnancy, that you need help. His role is to direct you to any convent that houses and helps ladies to deliver safely.
 They will show you love. You can meet the Reverend Sisters in a convent yourself. Do not be afraid! God is ready to forgive you because He is your Father, and you are His daughter. Just be ready to rise above your past life of fornication and adultery. Do not go back, for you are a saint in the Mind of God. Anyone who tells you to kill the innocent child by induced abortion, or by swallowing pills, or through any other means to terminate your pregnancy, such a person is wicked, and does not love you, does not love the child, and does not love God. Always remember that God sees you as a treasure.May the Peace of the Lord always remain with you. Amen. Always bear in mind these sacred words of Jesus, “Do not be afraid! I am with you till the end of times.

As we journey towards salvation, I remain fraternally and spiritually yours in Jesus and Mary, Nchedo Martin-Mary Umeatuegbu.

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