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daily reflection for today July 22nd 2016

By Bro. Christian Mario Ukaegbu

…my love, get up. Let us pray and beg our lord to have mercy on us and to grant us deliverance. Tobit 8:4 (AB).

Welcome again child of God, I pray that the lord will refresh your soul as you read this reflection. This particular verse so much fascinated (and still fascinates) me when I was reflecting on the passage and I wish you can also look deeper into the words so that we can have a unity of thought as you read on.
Take time and open your bible and read the beginning of chapter 8 before you continue. There are lots of fruits in this brief verse but what I would like us to reflect upon is the idea of prayer.
As essential as prayer is to our lives, it is the most misconceived, the reason being that we cannot quite comprehend God who is our partner in this exercise. Prayer can be communal; it can be personal. It is a personal encounter and communication with the divine being. Like every experience, prayer requires the total involvement of the soul, body and reason of the one praying. Some have tried to define prayer in various ways, and in doing this many have given definitions that were nothing but a piecemeal. But one definition I so love about prayer is the one given by Fr. Joseph Kentenich - prayer is to love and to be with. In prayer, we are not just raising our minds to God but every faculty of our body and soul. We become enamoured with love and a desire to be with the one we love. One becomes alive when one is physically and spiritually alert and thus this can only be achieved by being deeply rooted in prayer.
As St Theresa of Lisieux would say: “prayer is the surge of the heart, it is a simple look turned towards heaven and it is a cry of recognition and of love, embracing both trials and joy.” Prayer is indeed a state of Mind, where an amazing exchange happens! And thus a Christian should be versed in matters of faith and learning. Being a person of faith has to do with one’s personal relationship with God and this should be made visible to others through the way and manner one carries oneself and personal relationship with one’s neighbour.
Prayer is not only a time we off-load our trailer loads of problems before God, in fact one who is deeply rooted in prayer hardly remembers earthly wahalas and hitches. Beloved of God, have you ever been in prayer and you feel like never to go before? Haha that sounds impossible, right? But I tell you many great saints we venerate today and indeed even many living saints among us today, will tell you that such is the most normal thing anyone can do. But they didn’t just it at a moment, it took daily practices and struggles. At the end, prayer pays. Yes, I tell you, you will never regret any moment you spend in prayer if you really pray with your whole heart. God is never outdone in generosity, if you give him your ten minutes, he will give you his thousands. Now let us consider some benefits/fruits of prayer.  

                                                FRUITS OF PRAYER

Humility: prayer fortifies the virtue of humility in the life of a Christian because without spiritual disposition it would be very tough to climb the slippery mountain of holiness and sanctity. We are called to serve and not to be served (non ministari sed ministare Mathew 20:28).
Pastoral courage: whether you are a lay Christian or an ordained minister, we are all in the business of spreading the message of salvation. The proclamation of the word of the Lord is indeed the fulcrum of the work of evangelization, and this can be achieved either through preaching it in words or in deed. We can be the epitome of the gospel message to others.
The most effective means of proclaiming the gospel is being docile to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.
Love: As the psalmist says; behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity (psalm 133:1). The love we share as one should be deeply rooted because we cannot claim to love God when we are blind to the plights and sufferings of our brothers and sisters who need our hand of help. Let’s share with one another and foster a community that mirrors the mind of Christ.
Prayer said and prayer lived: Prayer is a way of life and if you will like a spiritual culture. Through prayer we come to a deeper knowledge of God, we draw spiritual strength, and we gain blessings. We should not only pray with our lips, but our lives should radiate what we pray.
According to St James, when prayer is being reduced to a mere verbal exercise, it becomes a syndrome of not knowing how to pray.


 At this moment child of God, I don’t know how much you have grown in prayer but I think that there is more to do because as long as we remain in this changing and moving world, we must continue to better ourselves. Thank God for leading you here and for exposing some of these secrets to you. Now the other thing is in your own hand, do you think that you need to buckle-up your prayer life or you think your present state is enough? Have a deep thought and ask yourself “how much time do I give to God in prayer; what is my priority during the day?” “Have I been given other irrelevant things the time I should give to God?” Let these question keep your mind in constant reflection as you carry out your affairs of this day. God bless you and do remember to share your insight and testimony of your prayer life in the comment box so that other people can give God Glory. Remember when you acknowledge him before people, he will acknowledge you before his father in heaven.  Grace to you!

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  1. A wonderful reflection which leads to an encounter with God written by Christian Ukaegbu