Wednesday, 20 July 2016


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God demands we unite

How good it is, how pleasant, where the people dwell as one! Psalm 133:1 (AB)

Child of God, God has come to you today with another message of love. Let us reflect about this wonderful verse for a while. The message is very clear and distinct - there are great pleasure and beauty in oneness. The psalmist sees this and marvels at the awesomeness and beatitude of being together.
Being one here means mutual understanding, a community of lovers and a togetherness that knows no bound. Is it is not always a great and pleasant sight when you see children in the playground playing? Think about how they communicate; even with the garbling of words, they still understand and communicate with each other. They share a certain communal language that only they understand. They have a love that permeates amongst them and that is why they can understand the heart and not just the words. Oh blessed one, have you ever seen the beauty of myriads of birds in the sky, how they beautify the sky? Even the twilights of the stars in the dark, they become more beautiful when they are knitted together in their myriads.   
Have you noticed, great child of God and salt of the earth, how our society is disintegrating gradually? We are becoming selfish and individualistic in everything. It is true that we need to distinguish ourselves at certain scenario but such distinction should not mar or impair our mutual co-existence. There is always a unity in diversity - starting from our very biological makeup to the “uni-verse”. Do not pretend that you don’t need one another. Just as the land needs many trees to form a forest so is our lives. We need each other to make this life beautiful. No man is an island and so if we (you and me) start today to embrace each other in love and mutual oneness, our world would be a better place.
The oneness I am talking about is such that is cemented in love and mutual respect. I recognise that I need you and every other person, not for exploitation but for enhancement and complementarity. No one should use each other as a means to an end but always think about the other as a credible and impeccable companion on the journey of life. Life will be very enjoyable and people will see reasons to live. There will be minimalized suicidal activities if we adhere to accepting each other as subject and not as object. The reason why we kill and commit all sorts of crime against humanity is because we do not see ourselves as subject that deserves respect, love and companion. By seeing someone as an object, we simply look at them as instruments and tools to be manipulated and plundered – what will benefit my insatiable wants and self-aggrandisement. This is the attitude that leads to disparity amongst brothers and members of the same society. In the words of Archbishop Obinna, let us eschew survival of the fittest and embrace co-vivification of all. A broomstick is so easy to break but when it is joined in a bunch it is practically impossible to break them with the hand. We are strong in oneness. Let no one deceive you that being one will cloud your personality. Never! Man is born in a society, he lives in a society and he dies in a society. It is as if we are condemned to the society. So, it simply means that whether we like it or not, we just have to be with one or more particular set of people. But that is not the case here, what we are interested is being one is love, in understanding and in Christ. No wonder Christ prays in John 17 that we should be one even as he and his father are one. He understands perfectly that such is what will keep us safe and bonded as Christians.  There is nothing wrong with being one. The Blessed Trinity is an epitome of this one. We are created in the image of God (Gen 1:27) and as such, we should exhibit the nature of He who created us in His image; we should be one just as the Blessed Trinity is one.
So let us pray that God will help us with his grace to be fully incorporated to each other and pray for divine unity amongst us.

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