Monday, 25 July 2016


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daily reflection

“In the beginning, God created heaven and earth.” Genesis 1:1 (The African Bible).

You are most welcome child of God to today’s daily reflection that builds your day and set it towards God. I pray you will have a pleasant encounter with the word of God today. In this note, our reflection today will be centred primarily on the very first statement of the scripture, Genesis 1:1. I have titled it “God’s creativity” as a guide in this reflection. I hope you can still find a suitable title to give it when we finish with this reflection.

We are presented with a very confusing scene right at the beginning of the Holy book that is meant to answer and explain our curiosity and confusions. “In the beginning”, there was no actual date and then what we get is that God created heaven and earth. From what? If one may ask. Have you taken time to consider how creation all started? Maybe it may seem like a useless venture (like splitting the hair) to think of how everything all started. But we still crave to know how it all began. The author of the book of Genesis, by this very statement tries to explain a popular belief about creation during their own time (and which still persist). This statement gives a notion that God created out of nothing. This is what the theologians call creatio ex nihilio (creation out of nothing).
Now let us be very careful to misunderstanding the idea of creation. People try to say that before creation there was already water and other element which are formless. No! When the Bible says that God created the heavens and earth, it means that on that day, the substance of heaven and the substance of earth were made. There was nothing existing prior to the creation of these two. The elements that people confuse to be already in existence had not yet been created, although they were created on that very day. Were it to be that they were created before heavens and earth the author of Genesis would have said so. But for that very instance, it was just the heavens and the earth. Were it to be that the author of Genesis (probably Moses) did say that the elements existed prior to their substance (heavens and earth), he would have given the elements precedence over their substance. So at the time God created heavens and earth, there was nothing like wind, fire, water etc. All these elements came posterior to the creation of heaven and earth because they cannot exist on their own.
So child of God, are you now convinced that God created out of nothing? Now look around you and see the wonderful handiwork of this great God. Isn’t he a creative God? Who can equal the creativity of a being who created this universe that is so awesome and mysterious? The scientists and brilliant minds of all centuries have tried to wrap their minds to understand this mysterious universe but no matter the progress of science, we still at a fragment to the understanding of this whole universe.
He is an awesome creator and so you are a product of a creative being. You are the masterpiece of God’s creativity. You are awesome because he who created you calls you awesome. Do not think of what people tell you, think of what your maker calls you. And do you know what he calls you? Whoever touches you touches the apple of his eye (Zechariah 2:8). So do not be downcast, raise your face high and glory in the lord.

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