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Does that light still shine

Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. Gen.1:3

My dearly beloved in the lord, I send you greetings in the name of Jesus our lord. Having gotten here I know you are really thrilled by the question I posed as the title of today's daily reflection. Yes, I am also, and that is why I want us to journey together in this reflection.
As you may already know, I am reflecting from the story of creation, the first account of creation precisely. So I want you to do one thing, take your Bible and read the previous verses before this verse three we are centring our reflection. Thank you.
The scripture records that in the beginning when God created the world, the earth was a formless wasteland, and darkness covered the abyss. The scripture gives us two very important description of the state of the earth before creation and I would like to make use of these two descriptions in this reflection - A formless wasteland and darkness.
Darkness depicts a state of utter confusing and chaos, in fact some translation of the bible used the word chaos in place of formless wasteland. In darkness nothing is known, it is a privation, a state of nothingness and waste. There was no meaning and there was no existence. And then God spoke the word of creation “let there be light” and there was light.
There must be a great significance attached to this first element God created. It is very noteworthy that God in his wisdom and providence should first consider creating light. Have you ever wondered why God should create the light first? Why it is that light has to be the primus inter pares of all God’s creation. He should have chosen any other element to create but he chose light. No one knows the mind of God to ascertain why he acted and his reason for that but I believe that there is something very significant about light and why it should be the first in the line of creation.
God is a master planner and so in everything he do takes his form and nature. Our God dwells in light and holiness, he is the light himself (1John 1:5) and so it is quite natural that he reflect his very nature before anything else. Creation is a masterpiece of God’s creative power. When a sculpture sculpts an image from a material at his disposal, the image must be an already existing idea in the mind of the sculptor and it must be according to the perfection of the sculpture in the work of sculpting. If an art work looks great and beautiful we say that the artist is good and gifted in his work. Hence we relate the beauty of an art work to the one who makes them. That is so with our God, during creation, God created the world through the word of his mouth. The beauty of creation is a manifestation of the beauty of its creator.
So when God takes the plan to create, it is most natural that the first thing that will manifest itself is light because that is the essence of God. He does not dwell in darkness and so if he had started creating in darkness it will be a great privation in his person. And so, there was light. The light that enlightens the world. He didn’t just make light an abstract being dwelling elsewhere, when Christ came to the world, he called us the light of the world and urged us to let our light shine (Matt. 5:16). By that Christ automatically lighted us to that great realm of God’s perfect attribute. He did not do anything knew rather he emphasizes and enunciates the meaning of that statement “…in our own image and likeness”. Since God is light, we who are created in his image are also light. We are to enlighten the world with our light.
In baptism, we become the children of God. By the virtue of our baptism, we become ministers of God. We are given the light and Christ (through the mouth of the minister) commissioned us to go and be the light of the world. What a significant sacrament!
Child of God, do you believe this message - that you are the light of the world? Christ says that a city on the hilltop cannot be hidden (Matt. 5:14), we do not light a candle and hide it under the bed. The light is kept above where everyone can see with it. Now the question is “does that light of God still shine in your heart”. Think about the opportunities you have to radiate that light to others. Are you utilizing the gift God gives you on daily basis to radiate that light to others. Our world today needs you, we need your light to radiate, and we want to see the path your light can show us. Remember, no one can show the type of light that you are meant to show because you are unique and specially made with a specific destiny. Take up the task today and radiate. Listen to the prophecy of Isaiah, arise and shine (Isaiah 60).

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